One piece, USB fabric desk light, creative atmosphere light, fabric lampshade+solid wood base, warm night light, bedroom bedside light, various styles available

SKU: sr2310319911694382
Heather gray warm light
Heather gray model with white light
Heather gray three-tone lighting
White warm light
White model with white light
White three-tone lighting
Square linen style-white light
Square Jute Style-White Light
Square jute style-warm light
Wheatsui small table lamp-warm light
Wheatsui small table lamp - stepless dimming
Ephedra small table lamp-warm light
Ephedra small table lamp - stepless dimming
Square matte gray model-warm light
Letter style-warm light
Letter model-Infinitely Dimmable
Flower style-warm light
Flower style - infinite dimming
Local gold model-warm light
Local gold model - infinite dimming
Wheat ear model-warm light
Wheat ear model - stepless dimming

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